Top 5 EMS videos of October 2016

October's top five videos were centered around training and educational tips for EMS personnel

The top five videos of October included a range of training and educational videos. Tips on treating nausea, highway scene safety and how to administer a tourniquet made it in the top five. Steve Whitehead also discusses what to consider when deciding to wear body armor — a new reality for EMS personnel.

Remember 2 Things: Making the decision to wear body armor

Steve Whitehead, host of Remember 2 Things, discusses a couple points for EMS agencies to keep in mind if they make the decision to have crews wear body armor.

Reality Training: Highway scene safety for EMS

Working a motor vehicle collision is one of the most dangerous scenes for EMS personnel and firefighters.

Remember 2 Things: Nausea relief without medications

In this episode of Remember 2 Things Steve Whitehead discusses the relief of nausea without medications by applying a cold compress to the back of patient's neck and smelling an alcohol prep pad.

How to safely position yourself around patients

Approach a situation and position yourself smartly to improve clinical care, your relationship with the patient and safety.

Remember 2 Things: More tourniquet application tips for EMTs and paramedics

EMS providers should use these tips to troubleshoot problems with controlling bleeding.

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