Roundabouts prevent intersection collisions between ambulances and POVs

Quick discussion on the benefits of roundabouts for reducing the risks of intersection collisions

The AAA Foundation for Traffic safety reported deaths from drivers running red lights hit a 10-year high in 2017, the latest data available. The exact reason isn't clear from the data, but is likely related to drivers distracted by smartphones, in-vehicle entertainment systems, food or personal care. 

Red light cameras and enforcement are two likely mitigation steps to reduce the number of collisions. Roundabouts are an engineering control that makes running a red light, as well as the potential for a collision, impossible. 

In this video from 2009, I share some tips about avoiding intersection collisions and my thoughts on why roundabouts are terrific for emergency response vehicles and privately operated vehicles. In a roundabout there is no: 

  1. Risk for T-bone collisions
  2. Vehicles making left turns
  3. Risk of running a red light
  4. High-speed traffic in the intersection

Finally, it's nearly impossible for a driver to text as they maneuver in, around and out of a roundabout. Are roundabouts common in your response area? Would you like to see more of them? 

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