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Va. EMS attacker jailed on bail violation

The judge called the attack on the Orange County crew the most violent attack he had seen without a death involved


A County of Orange Fire & EMS ambulance.

County of Orange Fire & EMS/Facebook

By Bill Carey

ORANGE COUNTY, Va. — The alleged attacker of two Orange County EMS personnel has been jailed on a bail violation.

According to court records, Cierra Johnson was arrested last month, CBS19 NEWS reported.

In January of 2022, paramedics Dottie DiLiddo and Randy Williams responded to Johnson’ for a medical emergency. While trying to take Johnson to the hospital, DiLiddo and Williams say she brutally attacked them.

“She turned around and grabbed me by the back of the head, she slammed my head into the metal bar of the cot,” DiLiddo said. “She then threw me to the floor and proceeded to punch me and kick me.”

Johnson then jumped out of the ambulance and fled, but was later arrested.

In December, Johnson’s plea deal to serve six months under house arrest was denied by the judge who called the attack the most violent attack he had seen without a death involved.