Driver points gun at EMTs during crash scene standoff

An assistant fire chief, who’s also a reserve officer with a concealed firearm license, exchanged gunfire with the driver

LOGAN, Utah — An assistant fire chief exchanged gunfire with a man after responding to a vehicle crash Tuesday.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported Cade M. Austin was driving erratically before he crashed into a large natural gas regulating device, which began to spew gas.

The first responders on scene were EMTs from Smithfield City Fire Department. Assistant Chief Jeremy Hunt was one of them.

Hunt, also a reserve police officer, has a concealed firearm license and was carrying a gun.

According to a police press release, Austin "produced a firearm, pointing it at the EMT first responders."

Police officers are still piecing together the sequence of events, but it is believed there was an exchange of gunfire between Austin and Hunt.

The standoff continued after police arrived and lasted more than an hour. The scene was exacerbated by the gas line continuing to expel gas in the surrounding area, stalling the SWAT team, who could not safely engage the suspect.

Austin was apparently wounded and became unconscious more than an hour into the standoff. SWAT officers removed him from the car and transported him to the hospital.

The shooting and the crash are under investigation.

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