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Video: Producers creating EMS documentary to advocate for essential status

The film “Honorable But Broken: EMS in Crisis” sets out to explore the value of EMS, problems with the system and solutions in place


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By Leila Merrill

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. — Two former news producers are working on a documentary as a means to advocate for EMS providers to be classified as essential workers in all U.S. states.

Bryony Gilbey has worked for ABC and CBS, and is a mother of three EMS professionals. Richard Diefenbach is also a former teacher.

Their fundraising webpage for “Honorable But Broken: EMS in Crisis” states that “EMS are the first responders to care for patients but they are not funded appropriately and so retaining these valuable health workers is unsustainable. This is something that will affect all of us and we should be very concerned. The film explores the undeniable value of EMS, inherent problems with the current fractured system and solutions some states are implementing to formally embrace and fund this third arm of our 911 emergency service.”

Out of a listed goal of $200,000 to fund the production, distribution and other costs associated with the documentary, $1,850 has been raised as of this writing.


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