29 best tips, books and resources for EMS providers

Use leap year's extra day to learn, review and share the best practices, books and patient care tips to be a great medic

Our dedication as EMS professionals is partly reflected in the checklists we keep, tips we share and resources we reference.

To celebrate Leap Year 2016, we bring you a list of 29 EMS1 lists.

Patient care
1. 3 reasons to use ketamine for prehospital analgesia
2. 4 important considerations for victims of collapsed structures
3. 5 errors that are giving you incorrect blood pressure readings
4. 5 things to know about capnography and respiratory distress
5. 6 questions medics should ask on every auto accident scene
6. 10 intravenous access tips for medics and students

Legal and documentation
7. 3 ways to protect yourself from EMS patient lawsuits
8. 5 answers that could save your EMS career
9. Avoid a lawsuit with these 7 public expectations of EMS


10. 5 surefire ways to ruin an EMS field supervisor
11. 5 things great EMS supervisors do differently
12. 7 traits of great field supervisors

Education and training

13. 5 reasons you should NOT become an EMT and 5 reasons critical care paramedic training will make you a better medic
14. 6 training tips to reach unengaged EMTs
15. 10 tips to make sure you succeed on the NREMT exam
16. 10 books every paramedic should own

User tips, tricks and contributions

17. 10 tips for learning pharmacology
18. 15 habits paramedics can’t shake
19. 15 awesome EMS tattoos
20. Playlist: 30 songs for EMS providers and 50 awesome songs to listen to in the ambulance


21. 5 things civilians need to know about EMS
22. 6 cultural changes made by successful volunteer agencies
23. 7 community health care services Uber drivers could deliver

Safety, health, fitness and survival

24. 4 tips to safely lift patients
25. 5 healthy on-the-go meals for medics
26. Psych patient transport: 5 tips to make it safe for providers and patients
27. 6 fat-burning tips for busy EMTs


28. The top 10 'Ambulance Driver’s Perspective' top 10 lists and 10 more of the Ambulance Driver’s Perspective 'Top 10' lists
29. 6 worst uses of an ambulance

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