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Man holds Ohio EMT at gunpoint after misunderstanding

Officials said an EMS crew was dispatched to an apartment complex for a lift assist and received a key, but it was for the wrong apartment

By EMS1 Staff

BLANCHESTER, Ohio — An EMT was held at gunpoint after a misunderstanding about the location of a call.

FOX19 reported that an EMS crew responded to a call about a person in need of a lift assist at an apartment complex, according to the Blanchester Police Department.

Officials said the crew got a key for apartment B4 from the management staff, but the patient was actually in apartment D4, and they entered the wrong apartment, announcing their presence.

Police said the resident believed they were breaking into his home and met them at the door, holding a gun.

One crewmember fled, but the resident held the other EMT at gunpoint while he called 911 to report the intrusion.

The resident told police that he did not hear the EMS crew announce themselves and that he and his wife did not recognize them as first responders when they saw them.

Police said the man calmed down once a dispatcher told him that the men were EMS personnel.