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Former EMT commandeered ambulance to help shooting victims

While bullets were still flying, Scott Pettersen found an ambulance without a crew inside to help gunshot victims

By EMS1 Staff

LAS VEGAS — A former firefighter and EMT commandeered an ambulance to help save Las Vegas shooting victims. reported that Scott Pettersen found a Las Vegas ambulance without a crew inside to help victims who came under gunfire. While bullets were still flying, he went to work on people running back and forth to the ambulance.

“I grabbed gauze, grabbed bandages and started wrapping a guy up, and another guy came up who was shot in the back, and I started wrapping him,” Pettersen said. “It didn’t stop.”

Pettersen said he lost track of how many he and an off-duty police officer treated.

“We ran those cars out of supplies, bandages, everything,” he said. “I was ripping bags apart where I found them and I was tying hospital gowns around this lady who was shot in the neck.”

Pettersen said he tried to find the ambulance’s keys to drive victims to the hospital, but he was unable to locate them.

“The faces, I remember them,” he said. “The guy who was shot in the back, I know exactly what he looks like, and I when I close my eyes that’s what I think about. But I can’t bring myself to look and see if they’re on the (deceased) list. I just can’t.”

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