Experts update job analysis for critical care paramedics

The objective of the job analysis to define a job in terms of the work behaviors necessary to safely and effectively perform the job at a specified level of expertise

By EMS1 Staff

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The International Board of Specialty Certification hosted a meeting in conjunction with their psychometric partner PSI/AMP to update the Certified Critical Care Paramedic job analysis. 

The CCP-C was originally launched in 2006. Based upon best practices, a job analysis is completed every five years and the meeting represented the third CCP-C job analysis meeting.

The objective of a job analysis is to define a job in terms of the work behaviors necessary to safely and effectively perform the job at a specified level of expertise. The focus is on what critical care paramedics do on the job, and not simply what they know. From the job analysis, the SME group developed and organized a draft listing of job activities and tasks and a demographic setso the information can be summarized to describe the respondent group and approved the rating scales that will be used in completing the survey. 

The CCP-C is the only paramedic specialty exam that validates the essential knowledge and judgment required for safe and competent practice in the critical care ground transport environment.

The exam was designed to validate the unique domain of paramedics working in a critical care setting in a hospital.Certification establishes uniform standards for training with a valid, uniform process to assess the knowledge and skills required for competent practice required by professionals throughout their careers. 

The material measured on the exam are the management of complex patient presentations, acquisition and interpretations of advanced diagnostics and imaging, anesthesia practice, designing ventilation strategies and bedside care for critical patients.

The new CCP-C survey will be distributed in November 2016.

Subject matter experts were recruited from the U.S., Canada and Ireland to ensure that
the Certified Critical Care Paramedic was fairly represented in the job analysis. 

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