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“We must never, ever forego the safety of our patients because we are angry, tired, hungry, cold or irritated,” one commenter wrote
EMS providers and leaders have a “duty to act” to ensure patients are treated with dignity and compassion
EMS providers and leaders have a “duty to act” to ensure patients are treated with dignity and compassion
Hailey Martineau faced felony charges in the death of Golden Cross Ambulance Service Paramedic Ian Pierce
Police arrested the lieutenant and charged him with strangulation during a call in Brooklyn
An altercation between two groups escalated to gunfire
A fight between teens on a train turned into a shooting on the platform of a Bronx subway station
Devvan Farina allegedly broke into the homes of patients he knew had been transported to a hospital
The judge called the attack on the Orange County crew the most violent attack he had seen without a death involved
Vancouver paramedics were treating a patient when their squad was stolen and later abandoned
Michael Ladell Thomas faces manslaughter, felony DUI for a crash that killed ASAP EMS EMT Mary “Katie” Pipkin
Highlands County Fire-Rescue units were initially sent to a report of people burning debris on the side of a road
Which event will have the biggest impact on EMS? Cast your vote
Former Acadian Ambulance Paramedic Samrat Mukherjee was indicted for claiming to be a licensed medical doctor
University of Kansas Health System St. Francis Campus is working to restore its network after a ransomware attack
Springfield EMT Peggy Finley had a $60K bond refunded due to recent legislation
Drug use, violence and fires are highlighted as cities sweep camps and struggle with housing solutions
Kellie Boggs is charged with using an axe to attack a man and break into a Carter County EMS station
Four women were injured in what authorities called a random attack at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston
A sexually explicit photo of a child was seen on a computer during an EMS call in Redwood City
First responders, hazmat teams investigated suspicious envelopes at four sites across two counties
Four synagogues and a university were sent intimidating letters creating hazmat investigations
Authorities received a tip that two Banner Wyoming Medical Center employees bragged about stealing mementos during the Alcova Marina fire
Muriatic acid was stolen from a pool building and poured on slides at a Longmeadow playground
People fled in panic as a shooting happened inside the fairground
Ammanuel Owar Ojha stole the East Hills ambulance from out front of of Select Specialty Hospital
One of the patients was transported to a hospital in critical condition
Dezire Raequan Goldman stole the ambulance and drove nearly 20 miles before being noticed by police
DUI charge and other charges against Kevin Tirrel McCorvey were dropped in a deal for a reduced prison sentence