Surveillance footage documents Ga. teen's fatal collapse, EMS response

The video establishes a timeline after a high school student collapsed in the gym, outlining what EMS did to try to save him


AUGUSTA, Ga. — It was a battle against time the day Josey High School student Recardell Sheppard collapsed in the school gym. Tonight, we know how things unfolded minute by minute.

Earlier this week, an autopsy revealed the 17-year-old they called CJ died of natural causes. Just today, the Richmond County Board of Education Public Safety Department released the findings of their investigation and it includes a timeline that's based on video surveillance of the gym. It covers everything from who was in the gym at the time and their response, to what health care workers did to try to keep CJ alive. The timeline describes the following.

It's 3:24 on Monday, October 13, 2014. A pickup basketball game begins in the Josey gym. Most students had been at cross country practice just before, but not Recardell Sheppard. That day, he skipped practice for something more important, an ACT prep exam.

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