Body cam footages shows driver saving squirrel with CPR

Police body camera footage that went viral captured a young driver successfully giving CPR to a squirrel that he thought he hit with his car

MINNEAPOLIS — A video of a driver saving a stunned squirrel with CPR has gone viral.

CBS Minnesota reported that two Brooklyn Park Police Department officers were on routine patrol when they saw a young man pressing a gloved finger on a squirrel’s chest, an incident that was captured on their body cam footage.

“Is he giving it CPR?” one of the officers said in the video. “I think it is.”

The young man said he thought he hit the squirrel, who was lying on its back, with his car despite swerving out of the way.

The squirrel didn’t appear to be run over, and one of the officers tells the driver to flip the squirrel onto its other side. The animal was soon revived and he darted away.

“There he goes!” an officer shouted.

“We’ll put you in for a lifesaving award,” the other officer said as the driver high-fived both of them.

A squirrel tale

A story about a squirrel...

Posted by Brooklyn Park, MN - Police Department on Thursday, October 4, 2018


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