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Johns Hopkins launches live US pandemic map, detailed county reports

The university, which has been tracking COVID-19 cases worldwide since January, is now publishing data on bed capacity and health insurance for each county


Johns Hopkins University has launched a live map to track COVID-19 cases in the United States by county, as well as detailed reports for each county that include bed capacity and health insurance information.

Photo/Johns Hopkins University

By Laura French

BALTIMORE — Johns Hopkins University, which has been tracking global COVID-19 cases since early on in the outbreak, has now launched a live map and dashboard to track U.S. cases along with detailed health infrastructure reports for every county.

The COVID-19 United States Cases by County dashboard, which sources data from WHO, the CDC and other world health agencies, includes color-coded maps that can be filtered by total cases, cases per capita, total deaths and fatality rate, as well as numbers of recovered patients and a graph showing how the number of cases has risen over time.

By clicking on any county on the map, users can view a COVID-19 status report for that county, which includes demographic information and health insurance statistics, as well as staffed, licensed and ICU bed capacity and the countywide fatality rate. The status reports are based on information from the American Community Survey, Definitive Healthcare and the Red Cross.

As of Tuesday afternoon, New York County, which covers the same geographic area as the borough of Manhattan, had the highest number of cases and deaths nationwide, with more than 106,000 infections and 7,300 fatalities.

Nationwide, more than 570,000 people have contracted the virus, more than 23,000 have died and more than 43,000 have recovered.