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EMS providers will be called upon to mitigate the effects of bombings and other incidents involving the use of explosive devices
How would you treat a baseball umpire’s significant head laceration as players, fans and television viewers watch your every move?
A teenager’s death after a misplaced and unrecognized failed intubation is a tragic reminder of how and why error can occur in EMS
Authorities say the suspect kicked the EMS provider in the chest and threatened to kill the crew
Officials say the paramedic suffered a concussion during the assault following a vehicle crash
The driver of the vehicle that rear-ended the ambulance is accused of driving under the influence
The American Academy of Pediatrics found that the number of children between the ages of 8 and 13 visiting ERs for concussions has doubled
PupilScreen detects changes in a pupil’s response to light using the phone’s camera and a type of artificial intelligence
Most injuries studied were mild, but all concussions are potentially serious and researchers say the trend raises public health and safety concerns
The family of a teen who died after an esophageal intubation has started the ‘Do It For Drew’ foundation to prevent another tragic death
Riders, using the hashtag #hoverboardfail, have reported fractures, concussions and fires
We asked EMS providers about the presence of ambulances at games, the personnel available and their training to treat sports-related injuries
What level of care is available and are EMS personnel on standby at high school football games in your response area?