Wash. city residents prepare for disaster response

Bainbridge Island residents prepared for the chance that they could be completely cut off from first responders in a major disaster like an earthquake

By EMS1 Staff

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. — A city that is isolated on an island recently prepared for a disaster situation in which they could be completely cut off from the help of first responders.

KING5 reported that a group of Bainbridge Island residents participated in the Wilderness First Responder training program to be ready for the chance that a major disaster would cut them off entirely. Bainbridge Island is considered “remote” due to its reliance on a bridge and ferries to connect to emergency services.

Residents learned skills such as setting splints and tying tourniquets in the training session. Trained volunteers would respond to emergency hubs around the island in case of a real disaster.

The residents who participated in the training also volunteered to jump into action if a disaster should occur.

"If we get the community on board with understanding how we can all help we'll all be in better shape," 38-year nursing veteran Karla Mather said.

If an incident, such as a major earthquake should take place, the Agate Pass Bridge could collapse and ferry service could be disrupted, leaving residents with no access to hospitals.

"To me, that's just part of being in the community," volunteer Ken Goodman said. "You work with your neighbors and help them out."


Community members, City staff, and staff of other agencies are gathered this week for Wilderness First Responder...

Posted by City of Bainbridge Island, Washington on Wednesday, October 4, 2017


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