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‘I have to pee': Caller’s ‘emergency’ dumbfounds a 911 dispatcher in Canada

The caller was apparently complaining about slow traffic

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By Don Sweeney
The Charlotte Observer

PEEL, Canada — Audio of a 911 call in Canada reveals what may be the most innocuous “emergency” ever.

“I have to pee,” a caller tells an incredulous dispatcher in a 911 call posted to Twitter on Friday by Peel Regional Police near Toronto in southern Ontario.

In the 38-second audio clip, the 911 dispatcher asks the caller whether he needs police, fire or ambulance services.

“Yeah I need an ambulance, please,” the caller says, then corrects himself to request the police. They argue briefly about whether he needs an ambulance or police.

“Actually, the thing is, I have to pee and these guys are not moving,” the caller says, apparently complaining about slow traffic.

“You have to pee?” the astonished dispatcher asks. “This is your emergency, that you have to pee? And how are the police going to help you urinate?”

“I have to pee, man,” the caller repeats.

“I’m not sure what you’d like me to do if you have to urinate, I can’t help you with that,” the exasperated dispatcher says before terminating the call.

Peel Regional Police note in the Twitter post that 911 should only be used to report crimes in progress or immediate danger to someone’s health, life or property.

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