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Video: Dashcam captures close call at Pa. crash scene

A car can been seen nearly striking first responders before hitting an emergency vehicle head-on


Photo/Collier Township EMS

By Laura French

COLLIER TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A close call for Pennsylvania first responders at a crash scene was caught on dashcam video Wednesday afternoon.

Collier Township EMS posted the footage on Facebook, which shows a car nearly missing first responders before colliding with an emergency vehicle head-on. According to the agency, crewmembers were checking on a patient in another minor crash when the incident occurred.

“This is a reminder to please SLOW DOWN and use CAUTION not only in this weather, but ALL the time,” Collier Township EMS officials wrote in the Facebook post. “Two of our members were almost struck during this incident, please be careful.”

Watch the dashcam footage below:[0]=AZUshmCmDzRspmaixIG5ixv94nuvGQb9uIcTGaEHRPRfd8T8i3JCv5uKE3H4hFkaHCAiYo5fZQdRYxTkVT4-H5OEMhx4cijw7B5xV8n9YcRYev-p6Kpb5nUtxmRQdQnmLgp0oQSHakdocDsQlPXPeVLFxoNmlQG27QiILSaLTFtVcA&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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