Clinical Education Manager Gina Carbino breaks down the transition from EMT to ER nurse

On this episode of Inside EMS, Chris Cebollero is joined by Gina Carbino, clinical education manager for a New York hospital, to discuss the role transition to ER nurse from EMT

On this episode of Inside EMS, host Chris Cebollero is joined by guest co-host Gina Carbino, manager of clinical education for Champlain Valley Physicians Medical Center (CVPMC) in New York, as well as two ER nurse residents, Carol Myatt and Christy Trim, who work with Carbino and are both transitioning from their roles as EMTs. 

The CVPMC has a one-year nurse residency program that allows new nurses to gain the needed experience by allowing recent graduates to work in the ER. The discussion focuses on the role transition from EMT to nurse, how EMS knowledge assisted with their nursing studies and the skill crossover from EMS to the ER. 

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