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Applications open for 2024 - 2025 Jack Stout EMS Fellowship

Endowed by FirstWatch, the Fellowship seeks emerging EMS leaders who are people-centered, data driven

By Bill Carey

PLATTE CITY, Mo. — The Jack Stout EMS Fellowship, endowed by FirstWatch, is accepting applications through March 15, 2024.

The Fellowship’s mission is to build upon Fitch & Associates’ core value of leadership development by giving back through scholarships to aspiring leaders.

Named for the late Jack Stout, considered to be the father of high-performance EMS systems, the Fellowship will allow selected individuals to understand the principles espoused by Stout:

  • How to be a people-centered leader. Someone who effectively puts patients, the people who care for them and the people who support the process at the center of their strategy, daily decisions and budget.
  • What and how it means to be data-driven. Understanding how to request data, analyze the results and make decisions using all kinds of system data.
  • The elements of improvement science. Using a structured process to drive improvements in everything from clinical care and employee joy, to fiscal health and fleet reliability.
  • How to use systems thinking. Making better decisions moment by moment and engaging in more effective strategic planning requires a view of the big picture.

The selected Jack Stout EMS Fellow will attend the 2024 Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum, held August 12–16 at the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort in Florida. The Fellow will also attend either the Fitch Ambulance Service Manager (ASM) program or the Communication Center Manager (CCM) program with all registration and travel expenses covered by FirstWatch.

Fellows also receive a customized mentorship program led by Mike Taigman, Improvement Guide at FirstWatch. Mike was recently awarded the prestigious Keith Neely Outstanding Contribution to EMS Award, by the National Association of EMS Physicians. Part of the Stout Fellowship includes working with Mike directly on a quality improvement project.

To apply, go to, click on Scholarships, and select the Jack Stout EMS Fellowship, endowed by FirstWatch.