Design show host turns retired ambulance into camper

On an episode of “Living Big in a Tiny House,” an old ambulance was turned into a camper that will be used to move the show’s tiny house projects

By EMS1 Staff

The host of a YouTube design show turned a retired ambulance into a camper.

Bryce Langston, host of “Living Big in a Tiny House,” purchased a 2008 C4500 Chevrolet Kodiak ambulance after searching for the perfect trailer to tow the tiny home projects for the show.

Langston and his crew changed up the ambulance by adding a tow package, a reverse camera and upgraded the sound system, and plan to do a “full interior fit out” in the future, including a new paint job.

Nicknamed the “campulance,” Langston said the ambulance-turned RV “makes for an incredible home on the road.”

“We never set out to purchase an ambulance but when we found this one, it was love at first sight,” Langston says in the video. “Ambulances are well maintained, have plenty of space in the back and often come kitted out with all kinds of cabinetry and storage so they can be some of the very best vehicles to convert into campers after their service.”

Watch the full video on the “campulance” below.


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