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Paramedic rescues, adopts stray puppy

The paramedic was on a call when he first noticed the dog; he took the puppy to the station and gave her food and water before deciding to adopt her


BUFFALO, N.Y. — A New York paramedic was looking to adopt a dog when he came across a stray puppy while out on a call. reported Rural Metro Paramedic Greg Rath picked up the dog and took her back to the station, where he gave her food and water. According to neighbors, the dog had been roaming the area for several weeks.

“As we were coming back to the hospital, I noticed the little lady,” Rath said. “I didn’t know what it was at first because she was so small. She was pretty dirty and she has a little bit of dandruff. She looked pretty skinny. “

Rath adopted the dog and named her Lilly.

“When I found her and saw how sweet she was, I couldn’t turn my back on her,” he said.

A veterinarian said Lilly, aside from being about 20 pounds underweight, is in good health.

“It’s been great. She’s perfect,” Rath said.

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