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NJ EMS receives tools to help pets during emergencies

EMS providers will now be able to use pet oxygen masks and give out “Pets Inside” decals for pet parents

By Laura French

MORGANVILLE, N.J. — EMS providers at a New Jersey first aid and rescue squad are now better equipped to save furry family members thanks to a donation of pet oxygen masks.

Morganville First Aid and Rescue Squad (MFARS) announced on Facebook that it received the donation from Canine Company, a pet services provider.

“As first responders, we care deeply about the welfare of our human patients as well as their pets and are thrilled to be able to offer these masks to our community,” said MFARS Trustee Bruce Bandler.

The masks are cone-shaped to fit over pets’ snouts and come in sizes to fit animals ranging in size from small mammals to large dogs.

MFARS will also be giving out free “Pets Inside” decals to local pet parents so first responders will know if there is a pet present at an emergency such as a fire.

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