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Video: Pa. crew narrowly avoids crash on snowy highway

After an ambulance with its lights and siren on was forced to drive onto a median to avoid a collision, Harmony EMS issued a reminder to pull over


Video screen grab/Harmony EMS

By Leila Merrill

HARMONY, Pa. — After an ambulance crew narrowly avoided colliding with a vehicle while en route to a call, Harmony EMS posted a video of the incident on social media along with a reminder for drivers to watch out for emergency vehicles.

Multiple ambulance crews were responding with lights and sirens to a five-vehicle crash on Interstate 79, when a vehicle “assumingly became impatient in the stopped traffic” in the right lane quickly moved into the left lane, cutting off one of the ambulances, the agency said on Facebook. The rig’s driver was forced to swerve onto a grassy median to avoid a collision with the vehicle.

No one was hurt, but the incident prompted Harmony EMS to issue a familiar message to its community: pull over and stay to the right for sirens and lights.