Calif. ambulance crash prompts officials to urge drivers to pull over

A crash involving an ambulance and at least two other cars on the highway served as a reminder to drivers to be aware of emergency vehicles on the road

By EMS1 Staff

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — An ambulance crash Tuesday sparked officials to remind drivers to pull over when an emergency vehicle is nearby.

KUSI reported that a United Ambulance rig and at least two other vehicles were involved in a crash on the highway that backed up traffic for miles during morning commute.

San Diego Police Department Public Information Officer Lt. Brent Williams used the incident as a reminder to the public to be aware of emergency vehicles on the road.

“We don’t want that emergency vehicle to have to swerve through traffic,” he said.

Williams added that calmly pulling over for emergency vehicles when their lights and sirens are activated is the law.

“So we don’t want them to be involved in an accident with any other vehicles on the roadway that may slow them to get to where they’re going,” he said. “Please slow down and move out of the way and allow emergency personnel to move through because they’re potentially going to save a life.”

Although not involved in the crash, AMR officials reinforced Williams’ message.

“When you hear and see an emergency vehicle approaching from behind with its lights flashing, it’s important that everyone pull over to the right as quickly and safely as possible,” AMR government and public affairs manager Madeleine Baudoin said. “Doing so allows first responders to rapidly reach victims in critical times of need.

The crash is currently under investigation. NBC San Diego reported that it was unclear if anyone was hurt in the incident.



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