Severity-based stroke triage algorithm for EMS released

The AHA algorithm offers EMS providers a step-by-step guide to providing care for assessing and treating stroke

By EMS1 Staff

DALLAS — The American Heart Association released its algorithm for severity-based stroke triage for EMS.

AHA and the American Stroke Association requested that its Mission: Lifeline Stroke Committee create a consensus algorithm. The algorithm was created based on a thorough review of current stroke care guidelines and studies.

The algorithm seeks to balance the benefits of rapid, early access to endovascular thrombectomy for patients with suspected large vessel occlusion with the potential harm of delayed initiation of IV alteplase.

The algorithm may require tailoring to the needs of the communities that implement it. However, it does offer EMS providers a step-by-step guide to providing care for stroke patients.

AHA noted that as with any algorithm, it should not replace, but augment clinician judgment. 

Severity Based Stroke Algorithm

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