Dispatcher who deciphered fake pizza order featured in Super Bowl ad

A commercial to help end domestic abuse highlighted a 911 recording where a dispatcher realized a woman who called to place a pizza order was having an actual emergency and couldn't talk

A commercial from nomore.org, an organization that seeks to end domestic violence and sexual assault, used audio from a 911 recording to help spread public awareness.

It aired live during the first break after the second quarter of the game. The recording features 911 dispatcher Keith Weisinger, who remained on the line with a victim of domestic abuse as she cleverly disguised her call for help as a pizza order.

At first Weisinger thought the call was a prank, but he continued to probe for information and confirmed she had an emergency. After checking the history of her address, he found records of multiple domestic violence calls, and sent police to her home.

The commercial highlights their conversation at the end features the words “When it’s hard to talk it’s up to us to listen.” 

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