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Medics to earn $35,000 bonus for working 5 years

- 11/12/2015

TAMPA, Fla. — Sunstar Paramedics is giving a $35,000 bonus for paramedics who stay with the company for five years. The new program is intended to attract qualified paramedics and reduce ...

Research explores EMS providers' role in end-of-life calls

- 07/25/2015

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Researchers examine how EMTs and paramedics assess and manage the type of emergency calls that can determine whether a person’s end-of-life wishes are upheld. Because ...

Photo: Officer comforts infant while medics care for mom’s seizure

- 06/08/2015

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A photo of an Overland Park police officer feeding the baby of a mother who had just suffered a seizure has gone viral. Officer Andy Black, has worked off-duty ...

'Father' of paramedic service in Chicago suburbs dies at 81

- 06/06/2015

Daily Herald CHICAGO — Dr. Stanley M. Zydlo, who in the face of skepticism introduced the idea of training firefighters to be paramedics in the early 1970s -- a system now credited with ...

Medics pronounce man dead; an hour later he moves

- 05/22/2015

By Gretchen Ehlke Associated Press MILWAUKEE — A man was pronounced dead after collapsing at his Milwaukee apartment, but began to move his limbs as he was about to be taken to the ...

Dr. Oz helps helps woman who fainted at the mall

- 05/22/2015

The television host and physician rushed to help a woman when she collapsed during a promotional event at a Fla. mall

Dr. Oz helps helps woman who fainted at the mall

- 05/22/2015

Associated Press JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Celebrity doctor and television host Dr. Mehmet Oz reportedly rushed into a crowd to help a woman at a promotional event in Jacksonville. Local ...

Colo. firefighter/paramedics convert fire truck into food truck

- 05/17/2015

The Denver Channel DENVER — Two former Colorado firefighters and paramedics teamed up to turn a fire truck into a crepe-serving food truck. Quintin Galt said this moment has been ...

Colo. firefighter/paramedics convert fire truck into food truck

- 05/15/2015

The truck has a kitchen inside the rig and a restaurant in the back; the menu caters to the sweet and the savory

Mich. medics team up to open CrossFit gym

- 05/12/2015

BRIGHTON, Mich. — As paramedics, Gavin DuBetz and Stephanie Viener's job is to help save lives. In their new venture at CrossFit Menace, their job is to help shape lives, as well. DuBetz ...

How teaching keeps a long-time Calif. flight medic energized

- 05/04/2015

Jim Cuneo has nothing against nine-to-five jobs. Someday he might even like one. For now, though, the 57-year-old flight paramedic enjoys earning a living 24 hours at a time for Enloe Flight ...

Medics free woman from robot vacuum cleaner

- 02/09/2015

SOUTH KOREA — Paramedics freed a woman from a robot vacuum cleaner that sucked up her hair as she slept. The woman was taking a nap on the floor – a common practice in South Korea ...

London Ambulance Service needs hundreds of medics

- 02/03/2015

LONDON — The London Ambulance Service (LAS) has more paramedic job vacancies than anywhere else in England. A Labour Party freedom of information request reveals there are 360 positions ...

Texas teen faces murder charge for drowning baby

- 01/30/2015

The 2-month-old was dead when paramedics arrived, and a woman's 14-year-old daughter was arrested after a police investigation

Texas teen faces murder charge for drowning baby

- 01/30/2015

By Mallory Mcdonald The Dallas Morning News DALLAS, Texas — A woman returned to her Dallas home Monday morning and found the baby girl she was caring for had been drowned and her 14-year-old ...

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