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US Airman Stone, who charged France train gunman, is a medic

- 08/23/2015

Associated Press SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Relatives of the three Americans who tackled and disarmed a gunman on a high-speed train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris say they are proud of ...

Colo. medic sentenced for attempting to shoot girlfriend

- 08/20/2015

ROSCOMMON, Colo. — A Houghton Lake paramedic was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison for trying to shoot his girlfriend. Edward Perkola pleaded no contest to charges of assault less ...

Paramedic school: 10 things you need to know to pass

- 08/13/2015

By Kevin Grange You’ve worked hard to become a competent EMT and have been accepted into the paramedic school of your dreams. Here are 10 ways to ensure you’ll pass and leave paramedic ...

Nevada college launches online paramedic program

- 08/12/2015

Elko Daily Free Press ELKO, Nev. — Beginning this fall, Great Basin College will offer a new Associate of Applied Science degree in emergency medical services with an emphasis in paramedic. The ...

Injuries inspire firefighter to make life-changing decision to work on ambulance

- 08/10/2015

A man who was hurt working as a volunteer firefighter talks about his decision to become a medic.

Mass. FD gets state approval to resume paramedic services

- 08/10/2015

Daily Hampshire Gazette SOUTHAMPTON, Mass. — The state gave the Southampton Fire Department approval to restart its paramedic-level ambulance services after an inspection Friday. “It ...

Paramedic-run wound care team treats pediatric patients in Fla. ER

- 08/08/2015

The program gives medics an expanded role in a different health care setting, and frees up nursing staff to work with more patients

Medic seeks seat on Texas Legislature

- 08/04/2015

By Cody Stark The Huntsville Item HUNTSVILLE, Texas — A longtime emergency responder has decided to seek a seat in the Texas Legislature. Rick Smith recently announced his plans ...

EMS response to La. theater shooting described

- 07/25/2015

The Acadian Ambulance CEO praises the EMS response and the personal connection of many personnel to the victims

Flight medic cameras show mountain side rescue and hoist

- 07/24/2015

This video is from a Chelan County assist on 06/27/2015 to 7 Finger Jack for an injured subject at 8,000 feet. The subject sustained serious injuries in a 500 foot tumble down a steep snow finger. ...

LODD: Baltimore city paramedic dies after becoming ill at station

- 07/18/2015

By Timothy B. Wheeler The Baltimore Sun BALTIMORE — A young city paramedic died Friday after becoming ill while on duty a few days earlier, according to the chief of a volunteer fire ...

Mo. FD gives full scholarships for paramedic school

- 07/13/2015

The Kansas City (Mo.) Fire Department has invested $25,000 in scholarships to attend paramedic school, and is targeting minority students to diversify its team

Mo. FD gives full scholarships for paramedic school

- 07/13/2015 KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Fire Department is investing $25,000 to diversify their team. It is giving college students a shot at lifesaving careers while the department ...

Medics rescue kitten from engine compartment of crashed vehicle

- 07/12/2015

At a vehicle collision on an Ark. interstate medics and firefighters found the stray cat which was adopted by the vehicle driver

Medics rescue kitten from engine compartment of crashed vehicle

- 07/12/2015

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Metropolitan EMS (MEMS) paramedics and Little Rock Fire Department firefighters responded to a vehicle collision on the interstate and were surprised to find a small ...

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