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Police and fire agencies worked together to prepare and care for a major ski event
In addition to the seasonal precipitation hazards, many don’t prep their vehicles for cold weather, which can lead to more problems as winter settles in
Thousands of miles apart, two public safety professionals point to detailed plans as the reason for their organizations’ disaster response success
Kansas City first responders received nearly 70 calls for hypothermia-related issues
Four adults and two children were killed in severe storms that hit in Montgomery County and north of Nashville
Snow, fog, smoke and dust: 4 tips for operating in dangerous roadway conditions
Temperatures over the next two days, with the heat index, are expected to approach 120 degrees
Officials in Maui County say 271 structures were damaged or destroyed and dozens of people injured
The Grand River Dam Authority is investigating the incident at Blue Hole Park that sent four girls to hospitals in Tulsa and Pryor
An EF3 tornado damaged the Pfizer factory responsible for producing nearly 25% of the company’s sterile injectable medicines
Officials in Upper Makefield say they will change their operations to include an underwater search by the weekend
Sweltering weather spreads from the Southwest to California causing heat-related deaths
SAR crews from North Carolina, Michigan and Connecticut were among those helping to get to towns that have been unreachable
West Metro Fire Rescue said most of the injuries at Red Rocks were cuts and fractures
31 residents died in the Christmas 2022 storm that dumped over 50-inches of snow with hurricane-force winds