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Uniform Stories features a variety of contributors. These sources are experts and educators within their profession. Uniform Stories covers an array of subjects like field stories, entertaining anecdotes, and expert opinions.

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You haven’t been in EMS long enough if you don’t yell “Clear right!” when you’re driving off-duty
People have the right to do whatever it is that makes them happy, provided it does not infringe upon another’s right to do the same
The role, though thankless, is endlessly important.
Work a little, rest a little, do a little extra and the spirit of generosity will find its way back to the people who earned it
Try these tips for busting the immediate and long-term stress that often accompanies working as an EMS professional
We might not be great about discussing these things, but that doesn‘t mean we don‘t seek or value the support of the people that love us
As EMS technology and service models continue to evolve words, phrases or activities will become tradition
Here are three proven strategies to deal with good Samaritans who are more preoccupied with making a viral YouTube or Facebook Live video
Good partners are a no-brainer; when things aren’t going so well, it can be a bit tricky to figure out the cause
Too much of a good thing can lead to a bad thing, like needing paramedics after attempting to eat one of these gut-busting and heart-stopping meals