Top 5 EMS videos of June 2016

Among this month's top videos is a great 911 PSA music video, how to perform CPR on our furry friends and an unfortunate baseball accident

This month's top videos included a gruesome encounter between an umpire and a flying bat, a hilarious but informative 911 misuse lip sync PSA and a how-to on performing CPR on pets. Check them out below.

Umpire hit with flying bat, sustains ‘gushing’ head wound

Paul Emmel received stitches after being transported to the hospital.

Video of Fla. firefighter-EMT tased by police released

Released footage shows officers tasing an EMT who was accused of fighting.

How to perform effective CPR on a pet

EMTs and paramedics, especially at fire scenes, can be called upon to assess and treat a dog in respiratory or cardiac arrest.

911 agency releases new PSA lip sync video

Rock County 911 releases follow-up to their viral “Uptown Funk” video to spread awareness about the “Problem” of 911 hang-ups and butt dials.

Mercedes driver blocks Slovakian ambulance

Police investigated the driver's interference of the ambulance which was transporting a patient.

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