Top 5 EMS videos of December 2015

This month's favorite videos include a dramatic video of a needle thoracostomy and a quick tip to relieve nausea symptoms

Tips for better airway management and a STEMI mimics refresher for medics are among this month's favorite videos. Which one was your favorite?

1. Interior view of a tension pneumothorax and needle thoracostomy
This dramatic video of a tension pneumothorax being relieved by a needle thoracostomy was taken by Dr. Oleksandr Linchevskyy, medical director, Patriot Defense, Ukraine. After watching read this set of teaching points on EMS needle decompression of a tension pneuomothorax.

2. Quick tip to relieve nausea symptoms
The Skinny Medic provides a quick tip to relieve nausea symptoms. Read more about the research he mentions here.

3. 5 bougie tips for better airway management
Kevin High talks about 5 airway tips for performing an intubation with a bougie. How to position yourself, prepare your equipment, pass the bougie and the tube, and follow-through.

4. STEMI mimics: Quick refresher for medics
Learn to identify common EKG look-alike conditions in this training video from Jax EMS.


5. Hum Star Wars' song to keep your CPR rhythm
Darth Vader's theme song, the "Imperial March" is 104 beats/minute, making it an ideal song to think about while performing CPR.

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