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Patient Data Security

Cyber security strategists join the podcast to discuss the implications of a cyberattack on EMS infrastructure
FirstWatch’s Mike Taigman and Bill Ott discuss the cyberattack warning and lessons learned from a N.C. ransomware attack
Focus your cybersecurity investment on initiatives that create more effort for the attacker
Hackers accessed the data of approximately 700 people that the Temple Terrace Fire Department treated or transported
Ladders and ropes were used to remove some passengers in the Manhattan bus collision
Social security numbers and other information belonging to at least 100,000 people was taken, according to court documents
The name and address of the patient were blurred, but other personal details were shared by the employee; AMR is investigating the incident
A previous billing vendor for Lee County Emergency Medical Services was affected
The number of people affected is unknown, but Comstar Ambulance Billing said that suspicious activity was detected in March
The attack may include Rockland, Maine, patient data such as names, birth dates, assessments, medications, insurance information and social security numbers
“It’s shocking that the department doesn’t already have such a plan,” said Oren Barzilay, president of Local 2507, which represents EMTs, medics and inspectors
Lincoln Park First Aid Squad alleges that the state health department’s office of EMS gave the New Jersey State Police Fatal Accident Reporting System access to medical records
City officials said the program is off to a good start and is expected to expand
Organizations and citizens have a “shared responsibility” to defend their data, computer hardware and software systems from ransomware attacks
The HIPAA workplace poster can be posted at EMS stations to remind providers of key do’s and don’ts