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Nepal earthquake: Rescue and recovery efforts

Rescue workers struggled to reach many remote villages after a 7.8-magnitude in Nepal destroyed the region, killing thousands. Here is the latest news of recovery efforts, the growing death toll, and inspiring stories of survival.

Rescuers need to anticipate specific medical problems and patient needs as they prepare to encounter patients in a collapsed structure or debris pile
4,050 rescue workers from 34 different nations have provided rescue assistance, emergency medical care and supply distribution
USAID disaster assistance response team members from Fairfax County (Va.) and Los Angeles describe the rescue and reaching end of survival window
A 15-year-old boy and a woman in her 20s were found in the debris, bringing joy to rescuers and providing hope for more survivors
For catastrophic disasters in developing countries it’s time to rethink the USAR and aid response from high-income nations
Nepalese rescuers, supported by a U.S. disaster response team, worked for hours to free the dazed and dusty teen
Drones are being used for comprehensive data collection and mapping of the destruction to aid in damage assessment and rescue efforts in the wake of the disaster
Rescue workers are still struggling to reach mountain villages two days after the 7.8 earthquake as many countries send medical teams to Nepal
Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 2 to assist local emergency operations in and around the hardest hit areas of the country