NASEMSO joins ‘Road to Zero’ to eliminate roadway deaths by 2050

More than 600 organizations have teamed up to create a comprehensive strategy to put an end to increasing vehicle fatalities in the United States

By EMS1 Staff

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — The National Association of State EMS Officials teamed up with a coalition to release a comprehensive strategic report on how to end roadway deaths by 2050.

The report, titled “Road to Zero: A Vision for Achieving Zero Roadway Deaths by 2050,” is a result of more than 600 organizations collaborating to produce a strategic plan to prevent motor vehicle fatalities.


The Report by Ed Praetorian on Scribd



The Road to Zero Coalition suggested short-mid- and long-term lifesaving actions that federal and state officials should consider, including embracing current and effective countermeasures, accelerating advanced safety technologies and adopting a zero death culture, which has proven successful in other countries.

“This initiative has yielded an unprecedented opportunity to address the safety net of post-crash care for victims of motor vehicle related incidents,” NASEMSO President R. Keith Wages said. “Effective emergency medical and trauma systems must be in place to provide optimal outcomes for patients with severe injuries and avoid preventable deaths.”

“We demand 100 percent safe operations in aviation, marine, pipeline, rail and transit, we should cultivate a corresponding societal demand for safe roads,” National Safety Council CEO Deborah A.P. Hersman said. “With these three guidelines, everyone can do something to reduce fatalities on the roadway. Getting to zero fatalities is not impossible – it just hasn’t been done yet.”

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