Epidemiologist Morgan Anderson on how to track your mental health

On this episode of Inside EMS, our co-hosts speak with Morgan Anderson, an epidemiologist with ImageTrend, about Crew Care, a mental wellness tracking app for EMS

On this week's episode of the Inside EMS podcast, hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson are joined by Morgan Anderson, an epidemiologist with ImageTrend. Anderson describes how ImageTrend's CrewCare app is used to support the mental wellness of EMS professionals. CrewCare users can log information about their life, engagement, mood and associated activities that is then converted into charts and graphics, giving them an overall view of their own mental health over time. Individuals can also see how they compare to other app users within their industry. In addition, the app offers links to relevant topical resources, mental health support and crisis contacts. 

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