Rapid Response: Is MCI response part of your community celebration planning?

Every community has a festival, fair or event that could be a target for violence, like the Gilroy Garlic Festival

Within the span of a week, 34 people have been killed in three active shooter events; 22 in El Paso, Texas; 10 in Dayton, Ohio; and three in Gilroy, California. Learn more about what EMS agencies should take away from these tragedies with expert analysis from industry leaders.

The popular Gilroy Garlic Festival in Santa Clara County California was coming to a close Sunday evening when a gunman opened fire. The festival brings thousands of people every year to the small town of 58,000.

There are reportedly three dead, including two young children, and 15 injured. 

What happened. Todd Jones, a sound engineer, told the Associated Press that he was at the front of the festival's Vineyard stage when he heard what sounded like a firework. "But then it started to increase, more rapidly, which sounded more like gunfire, and at that point, people realized what was happening," Jones said.

From the videos posted on social media, it was chaos. Evenny Reyes (13), of Gilroy, told the press, “We were just leaving and we saw a guy with a bandana wrapped around his leg because he got shot. And there were people on the ground, crying, There was a little kid hurt on the ground. People were throwing tables and cutting fences to get out."

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