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LODD: Air ambulance crash kills 5 crewmembers in Mexico

A Jet Rescue air ambulance went down in a wooded area south of Mexico City


Jet Rescue Worldwide Air Ambulance/Facebook

By Bill Carey

TETLAMA, Mexico — Five members of an air ambulance were killed after their jet crashed in the central Mexican state of Morelos on Nov. 2.

The incident occurred in a densely wooded, mountainous region near the town of Tetlama, Temixco. This township is located approximately 30 miles south of Mexico City, ABC News reported.

AirMed&Rescue and Jet Rescue stated that the crash involved a Jet Rescue Air Ambulance jet and five crewmembers. There was no patient aboard.

The cause of the accident is not known; an investigation into the incident by Morelos’ attorney general is pending.

“Civil Protection of the state of Morelos confirmed the crash of a small plane in the municipality of Temixco, so far it is unknown how many people were on board and what dependency the aircraft was.”

“Just try to wrap your thoughts around having 3, 4, 5, 10 gunshot wound patients thrown at you – at one or two medics with one ambulance.”
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