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Paramedic charged for kicking handcuffed Georgia man in groin

The paramedic is on administrative leave after a violent encounter with a driver at a vehicle collision

LEE COUNTY, Ga. — A paramedic was placed on paid, administrative leave and is under investigation for allegedly kicking a handcuffed man in the groin.

EMS and police were called to the scene of a rear-end collision.

WALB reported Amelia Warrington, 19, rear-ended David Smith, who was stopped at a light.

The situation quickly escalated as Smith started yelling at Warrington and threw his phone at her.

When police and medics arrived, Warrington’s father and Smith were in a shoving match.

Paramedic John Eckard took Smith to the ground by putting his arm around his neck.

Paramedic Robert Patton then got on top of Smith, put his hand around his throat, and told him, “I’ll kill you if you ever put your hand on a public officer again.”

Deputies then handcuffed Smith, but as he was getting up, Patton kicked him in the groin.

At that point, a deputy grabbed Patton, who continued to yell and curse, and told the paramedic, “You are done here.”

Patton and Smith were both cited for disorderly conduct and the incident is under investigation.

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