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City considers ‘3 strikes, you’re out’ policy on overdose responses

If an overdose victim has not performed community service on their third overdose, then responders would not be dispatched to the call

By EMS1 Staff

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio — A proposal has been made in an Ohio city to combat the growing number of overdose calls.

WLWT reported that Middletown is considering a “three strikes, you’re out” policy for those being revived with naloxone by first responders.

City councilman Dan Picard proposed that after the first two overdose revivals, a person must perform community service that equals the amount of money spent on the response. If the community service hasn’t been completed before the third strike, a dispatch would not be made.

“If the dispatcher determines that the person who’s overdosed is someone who’s been part of the program for two previous overdoses and has not completed the community service and has not cooperated in the program, then we wouldn’t dispatch,” Picard said.

The fire department is accepting donations and applying for grants to pay for naloxone until legal advisers can look at the proposed policy.