Inside EMS Podcast: Is EMT experience needed for paramedic school?

Chris and Kelly also talk about the 911 dispatcher who has come under fire for her brusque replies to a woman who called to report a rape

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In this week's Inside EMS podcast, hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson discuss why a N.D. ambulance company sued a documentary filmmaker after shooting footage of an oil rig accident on an ambulance ride along. 

"I think it's a lesson to us in dealing with the media that we have to always put our best foot forward and consider carefully how we present ourselves to the public," Kelly said. "It seems like they're trying to suppress some footage that may or may not be flattering for them."

Chris and Kelly also debate the need for an EMT to have experience before entering paramedic school in their clinical issue segment.

"My position is no," Kelly said. "I think experience is one of the most overrated buzz words in EMS and we place entirely too much value on experience and not enough on education and attitude."

Chris' take on the issue is the opposite of what Kelly believes.

"It's important that experience is the basis for your ongoing education as a paramedic," Chris said. "There is nothing that prepares you for patient care other than patient care."

They also interview Shannon Watson, a clinical supervisor with Christian Hospital EMS, about mobile integrated healthcare and community paramedicine.

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