Inside EMS Podcast: Dogma in EMS, how to escape violent encounters

Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson bring expert perspective to hot topics, clinical issues, operational and leadership lessons to EMS personnel and leaders to be safe and successful

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In this week's Inside EMS podcast, hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson discuss the proper way to educate and train students in active shooter scenarios after an instructor teaching a basic EMT class set off an explosive device that blew out a student's ear drum.

Chris and Kelly talk about what the term "dogma" in EMS means in their clinical issue segment. Their discussion takes the path of challenging what you learn in class, how to develop great instructors and how to develop confidence with our medical directors.

"The people we attract to EMS — the Type A personalities, ADHD, adrenaline junkies — predisposes us to be accepters of dogma because our students don't want to think real hard," Kelly said. 

They also interview Kip Teitsort about DT4EMS and his Escaping Violent Encounters program. Kip discusses his program, how it was developed and how to identify volatile situations.

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