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Video: Pittsburgh parking officer suspended for blocking ambulance

Video shot by a bystander appears to show the parking enforcement officer refusing to move for the rig while leaving a ticket

By Laura French

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh Parking Authority officer has been suspended after video posted on social media appears to show her refusing to move for an ambulance.

In the video of the incident, which officials say occurred on Nov. 16, the officer’s vehicle is seen stopped in front of the rig, which has its lights and sirens activated. The officer is seen walking past the rig to leave a ticket on another vehicle, then appears to engage in a verbal confrontation with the driver of the rig before getting back inside her vehicle.

Pittsburgh Parking Authority Executive Director Dave Onorato said the officer seen in the video has been suspended without pay following an investigation, according to WPXI. Onorato said parking officers are never supposed to block roadways and are required to pull over for emergency vehicles.