Paramedic accused of keeping nude photos of employees for blackmail

Amy Sherlock allegedly admitted that she had photos of four of her colleagues, and her coworker claimed she said they were for “insurance”

By EMS1 Staff

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — A paramedic is accused of collecting nude photos of her coworkers and keeping them in case she needed them for blackmail.

My Dayton Daily News reported that an investigation was launched into paramedic Amy Sherlock after a coworker claimed in his exit interview that she had nude photos of at least two staff members and was sharing them with employees while on the job.

According to the claims, Sherlock told the EMS provider that the photos were for “insurance, should she ever need to blackmail someone to get out of trouble,” and that she kept several copies of the photos.

An investigation report said Sherlock admitted to having photos of four of her coworkers, including a lieutenant, and she said she got them from a group text she was in with three male former colleagues.

The report said one employee told investigators that Sherlock had used the photos to get out of trouble in the past, but did not detail how.

Sherlock claims she deleted the photos when she found out she was pregnant in May 2017 and denies having copies.


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