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Hot topics: Handcuffed EMT; NAEMSP’s response to NREMT certification change

Our co-hosts tackle the week’s top stories, including an EMT who was handcuffed after hitting a cop car with the rig door while exiting to unload a patient

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In this episode of Inside EMS, co-hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson analyze the most popular stories of the week, beginning with an incident in Rochester, New York, where an EMT hit a police officer’s squad car that was parked in the ambulance bay with the rig door, leading to the officer eventually handcuffing the provider.

Our co-hosts then discuss the statement put out by the NAEMSP regarding NREMT’s change to education standards – which is open for public comment until Aug. 17.

The talk then turns to an assault of a paramedic and nurse after a patient was placed in triage at a local hospital. Every EMS organization should be aware of the rise in violence and have a plan in place to keep EMS providers safe on duty.


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