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On-demand webinar: Innovations in assessment, treatment and monitoring

Learn how innovations are being made in treating respiratory emergencies

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Between an aging population susceptible to lung disease, climate change, worsening air quality and a growing number of patients experiencing long-COVID complications, respiratory distress is likely to account for a significant portion of emergency calls for any EMS provider. This series will explore innovations in prehospital treatment of respiratory emergencies and the hands-on and simulation training solutions you need to be prepared.


“Great info from an experienced medic”

“Made me realize there is more to pulmonary edema than just the basics”

“Great progressive and evidence based lecture on assessment and management of respiratory emergencies”


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Kelly Grayson

Kelly Grayson, AGS, NRP, CCP, is a critical care paramedic in Louisiana. He has spent the past 28 years as a field paramedic, critical care transport paramedic, field supervisor and educator. He is the past president of the Louisiana Society of EMS Educators and a past board member of the Louisiana Association of Nationally Registered EMTs.

He has an Associate of General Studies degree from Louisiana State University at Eunice, Nunez Community College. Kelly has been recognized as the 2016 Louisiana Paramedic of the Year, 2002 Louisiana EMS Instructor of the Year and 2002 Louisiana AHA Regional Faculty of the Year, and with the 2012 Maggie Award for Best Regularly Featured Web Column/Trade and the 2014 Folio Eddie Award for Best Online Column.