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Many EMS agencies and other public safety organizations have significant exposed risks that can lead to cyberattack data breaches and infrastructure damage
Turning a blind eye to cyber threats puts first responders and civilians at risk; here are two ways to stave it off.
Hayward Mayor Mark Salinas said the city’s recovery is ongoing
Hayward dispatchers and public safety personnel are having to track calls using pen and paper
Preventing ransomware attacks is possible; our expert panelists offer several best practices your agency can follow to help reduce risk and mitigate potential issues
Cybersecurity experts said a recent ransomware attack on Scripps Health in San Diego is just one example of the growing threat
Officials said they received 4,400 calls from about 11:30 p.m. to about 3 a.m.
Meetkumar Desai remotely used javascript to cause iOs devices to open popup alerts, apps and place phone calls
Smartphone users who clicked on the virus link then watched as their phones became “hijacked,” and called 911 repeatedly
Martin Gottesfeld claims the hospital hacking was to protest the treatment of a teenage patient caught up in a custody fight
EMS director Jim Albright said the county was made aware of the problem via email about 10 days ago by a hacker who identifies security flaws
The Dept. of Homeland Security announced effort to prevent Distributed Denial of Service attacks against next-gen 911 systems