Former FDNY paramedic sues dept. for harassment

Mary D’Angelo is seeking $3 million and claims she was tormented because she is part Chinese

By FireRescue1 Staff

NEW YORK — An ex-FDNY paramedic is seeking $3 million in a lawsuit that alleges she was harassed because of her race.

NY Post reported that Mary D’Angelo is suing the department and claims she was tormented by her colleagues because she is part Chinese.

D’Angelo’s lawsuit claims she began being harassed in 2006, shortly after she began her paramedic career, with one male colleague once allegedly calling her a “crazy f****ing whore” in front of her supervisor.

D’Angelo also claims her locker was vandalized twice, with her belongings thrown in a corner.

A colleague also allegedly told D’Angelo in 2014 that their chief “authorized him to stab her in the neck with Valium, purportedly to address her alleged mental imbalance,” according to the lawsuit.

The next year, D’Angelo said things got physical when a paramedic hit her in the face with a “dirty oxygen bag.”

D’Angelo said she tried to resign in 2016 for fear of her safety, but the department ended up firing her instead.

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