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More than a dozen agencies participate in 9-hour rescue in Alabama

A man was trapped in an overturned tractor-trailer carrying raw chicken


Photo/Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue

By Leila Merrill

GREENE COUNTY, Ala. — A tractor-trailer carrying raw chicken crashed and overturned Wednesday on Interstate 59, leading to a nine-hour rescue, WBMA reported.

Officials said a downed tree may have led to the crash. A man was trapped in the overturned truck.

More than a dozen agencies responded, and the man was successfully extricated.

“Everyone operated within their scope, side by side, regardless of rank, command structure, working extremely smoothly, and everybody did what they could in that moment,” said Zac Bolding, Greene County EMS director. “From every head of every agency I spoke with, it was probably the longest and most complicated, and extensive heavy rescue operation and medical care operation of a single patient in West Alabama and likely in the entire state.”

Emergency Response Agencies that responded:

  • Greene County E-911
  • Eutaw Volunteer Fire Department
  • Greene County EMS
  • Greene County Sheriff’s Office
  • Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue
  • PHI Air Medical
  • Alabama Office of EMS
  • UAB SWIFT Team (Surgery forWard Intervention For Trauma)
  • Tuscaloosa Police Department Aviation Unit
  • Alabama State Troopers
  • U.S. Marshall Service
  • ALEA Aviation Unit
  • RAMS Air Medical Unit

Auxiliary agencies also involved:

  • Alabama Forestry Commission
  • Alabama Trauma Communications Center