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Police arrested a driver in the death of ASAP EMS EMT Mary “Katie” Pipkin
CoAEMSP’s Executive Director, George W. Hatch Jr., discusses the EMS accreditation journey
Natalie Gage-Avila, 23, worked as an EMT with Acadian Ambulance Texas
Willie Hatchett collasped next to where Atlanta Police Officer Melina Lim was stationed
A Newton paramedic and Kingston EMT performed CPR on the firefighter and regained a pulse
Portland, Gresham officials go against Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson’s claim that AMR is lowering standards if staffing changes
Police arrested the lieutenant and charged him with strangulation during a call in Brooklyn
Yanaisa Pulido, an EMT with Miami Dade Ambulance, had stopped to help victims when a vehicle struck her
Citizens Hose EMT Kelly Jackson plans to use a fundraiser for her recovery to support a local foundation
Interim Portland Fire Chief Ryan Gillespie is the latest to call for AMR to switch to EMT and paramedic staffing
Citizens Hose EMT Kelly Jackson suffered numerous injuries after being struck by a vehicle on an icy road
Avery Pitts’s family house fire led him to a desire for emergency services work
Multnomah County officials are considering AMR’s request to move to one paramedic, one EMT staffing, help with response times
The man refused treatment after EMS was called to his apartment for injuries he received in a prior motorcycle crash
James Barghaan worked as an EMT for Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) in West Brighton for 29 years and was named EMT of the year in 1997
“We have upped salaries. We’ve recruited. Nobody wants to do it as much as they did,” said John Smith, the director of operations at Gold Cross
The East Peoria Fire Department has joined others in dropping a pre-hire EMS certification requirement
CoAEMSP and CAAHEP announced the launch of voluntary AEMT accreditation starting Jan. 1, 2025
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Linda Matzigkeit finds EMT work helps her to be a better leader
AMR EMT Aaron Carter said his motivation stems from the work ethic demonstrated by his father in his own service as an EMT
A 15-month pilot program in Clark County will have basic, advanced EMT training with an $800 biweekly stipend
Family members say the Medway EMT forced the patient in respiratory distress to walk an “unreasonable distance” to the ambulance before the fall
The “EMS WV: Answer the Call” campaign launched last year saw an increase in EMTs, advanced EMTs and paramedics
Bettendorf High School students apprentice as vehicle service technicians before gaining national registry certification and work as an EMT
The Greg Freshwater Memorial Ruck raises funds for scholarships for EMS training
Waveform capnography provides a non-invasive, accurate assessment of a patient’s ventilatory status
Each recipient receives $1,000 cash and three core program registrations
The Sonoma County pair were lowered 200 feet to reach a patient approximately 100 feet off the roadway
The investigative report finds Topsfield EMTs “grossly failed to take care of this patient appropriately”